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July 07 2019

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Close-up portrait in black and white
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July 04 2019

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Pretty girl in black and white

June 25 2019

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Blonde babe near the window

June 23 2019

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Emily Ratajkowski with some coffee and a kiss.
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A very pretty blonde twists her hair in this sexy and alluring portrait.

June 22 2019

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Brunette in a white t-shirt and sunglasses posing outdoors for a casual portrait.

June 19 2019

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Tags: black and white
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June 18 2019

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June 17 2019

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June 16 2019

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A beautiful blonde walks into the green water of the ocean.

June 15 2019

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Very beautiful brunette outdoors in the brilliant sunshine

June 10 2019

Practicing yoga by the pool.
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Pretty blonde sitting by the window and fixing a cool stare upon the camera.

June 09 2019

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Beautiful blonde at the beach, sitting in the surf and having a wonderful time. Beauty in black and white.

June 07 2019

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Beautiful blonde looking relaxed at the beach and covered in sand.

June 02 2019

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May 27 2019

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