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June 10 2019

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Pretty blonde sitting by the window and fixing a cool stare upon the camera.

June 07 2019

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Beautiful blonde looking relaxed at the beach and covered in sand.

February 02 2019

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Pretty kitty
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Tags: pretty girl

November 06 2018

July 15 2018

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Anxious brunette waiting on the bed

July 11 2018

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Very pretty.

July 10 2018

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Freckles and a pout

July 07 2018

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Big teeth, cool stare.

June 24 2018

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Morning mood with coffee in black and white

May 09 2018

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A pretty girl haiku:

Really Know All Press
Conference Drinking At Kate
Middleton Proved Once

April 30 2018

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A devilish stare from a stunning redhead
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April 28 2018

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Smiling brunette in the studio.
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Blocking out the sun
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April 25 2018

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Pretty blonde with muddy brown eyes
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April 22 2018

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waiting outside on the porch

April 15 2018

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Pretty on a park bench
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Very striking fashion.

April 14 2018

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A pretty smile
Tags: girl pretty smile
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